How To Choose A Smartwatch: Features To Look For

Smartwatches are among the few handy gadgets that have been designed to make your life much easier, particularly for the avid smartphone user. Smartwatches can also be termed as your phone/tablet’s smart assistant, whereby it can be used to deliver apps, notifications, make calls, and even act as a pedometer, all on your wrist. While design and features may vary from one brand to the other, many of the smartwatches on the market today have almost similar functionalities.
With many brands and varieties to choose from, determining the best smartwatch for your everyday use can be a little intimidating. Having an idea of exactly what you need in a smartwatch can, however, help you make the right pick. Some of the best smartwatches for running 2018 have these essential factors:

1. Device and OS Compatibility

iOS and Android are the key market players in the smartwatch industry. While some of these gadgets are compatible with multiple phone operating systems, it would be advisable to go for a device compatible with your phone. For instance, Android phone users will find android based smartwatches appealing – the same applies to iPhone and iOS users.


2. Display and Interface

Some of the best devices in the market come with either AMOLED or LCD screens with a touch interface. This lets you view notifications, photos, and apps in a richer colour. You can, however, go for the non-coloured screens that offer better battery life when compared to coloured screens.

3. Design and Personalisation

Smartwatches watches help eliminate the need to wake your phone each time you need to check reminders, notifications, or even send a text. Some situations such as when out in the field or conference meetings won’t allow you to use your phone. You, therefore, need to choose a watch fitting your lifestyle well. You can either go for the sporty look or stick to the standard designs.

Other factors such as alerts and notifications, supported apps, and special features should be considered before making the purchase. A good smartwatch should be capable of pairing with more than one device, as well as display everything you need quickly. Battery life should be optimal too.