Life Lessons from Your Local Pub

What You Can Learn By Stopping In For A Pint

These days with the advent of social media and smartphones, people hardly have a nanosecond to slow down, take a breath and enjoy the moment.  Even talking to other people is becoming a rarity, and thats why its so important to drop into your local pub every now and again, and just to talk to some people.

Yes, we know that alcoholic beverages are cheaper when bought in the supermarket, and consumed at home, but that’s not the point.  Its not about cheaper, its about the survival of the human species.  Having a chat down the local pub is more important than you realise, and you know what its likely that you will seriously enjoy it.

Do yourself a favour and drop into a local bar for a drink, what’s more leave your smartphone at home, and just see how it goes.

Challenge set!